I studied music and religious studies at university where I developed a strong interest in Ethnomusicology to supplement my already voracious appetite for anything to do with history and culture. I have a keen interest in social issues, Asian cultures, politics and current events. I currently do freelance writing on the internet as well as perform regularly in both jazz and Balinese gamelan music ensembles.

Samus Aran

I have a Bachelor's degree in History with a minor in Political Science. I have written on subjects ranging from economics to philosophy. My main passions are in political theory, American history (though I am experienced in the craft and find interest in all fields in History), economics, literature, and broader political science topics (Comparative, International Relations, and American Politics). I am experienced in MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian citation styles and have a real passion for learning. My writing style is academic, with attention to concepts and details that earned me the highest marks in my classes.

Silence Dogood

I'm a physics major but have a sideways passion for the liberal arts, particularly history and literature. I've been in school for three years and just need a little extra cash for my weekend habits. I've written papers for friends before and they're still friends with me so I'm assuming I did a good job.  If I write your paper you can rest assured that it will have an aura of excellence.

My internet researching skills are great so even if I don't know your subject too well I'll be able to write for you, if not then I simply won't offer myself for that paper.

Yoshi Story

Undergraduate Student

I am a molecular biologist and I love to write papers on environmental ethics, Shakespeare, sociology, and anything related to BIOLOGY. I have three years of professional grant writing experience, and I know how to catch the eye and reach the heart of even the coldest, stingiest reviewer. For essays, I utilize the logical formula “CLAIM, DATA, WARRANT” and I always make sure the the thesis is concrete, unique, and creatively written.

For two years I coached high school debate/rhetoric courses and I have won several Colorado state championships in LD and Congress. I am currently in pursuit of my master's degree in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology with an emphasis in bioengineering. I require at least one week's notice for standard 5-10 page papers.

If you are running out of time, or if your rhetoric is sub-par, let me help you. Several years of professional grant writing and persuasive debate have taught me how to properly formulate an argument and defend a thesis.

Bender Bending Rodriguez

I started this website because I like learning but don't like school.  I could either pay to do homework, or get paid for doing homework.  This seemed like the better option.

I love philosophy, in school teachers tried to cram Kant down my throat but out of school I found myself obsessed with Plato, Nietzsche, Mill, etc.  Literary analysis is also awesome, I spent a day tearing apart the lyrics of Stairway to Heaven just because I love that song so much.  Political theory turns me on.  Economics too.

I've written on a wide variety of subjects and specialize in everything.